Thursday, December 6, 2007

Road Rage

Road Rage is a violent behavior by the driver of an automobile, which usually causes accidents or incidents on roadways. Incidents of violent driving have been on the rise for years. These fatalities need to be reduced and people need to be more aware of the dangers of speeding and aggressive driving. It is a situation that needs to be taken seriously. Some Road Rage Tips are:
1. Don't retaliate!
2. Don't make eye contact with an angry driver.
3. Before you react to anything, ask yourself, "is it worth my life?"
4. Be polite and courteous, even when others are not.
5. Always ask, "could the other driver have possibly made a mistake?"
6. Slow down and relax!
7. Never underestimate other drivers' capacity for mayhem.
8. Reduce your driving stress by allowing enough time to get where you are going.
9. Give your driving your full attention!
10. Don't take your frustration out on other drivers!
11. Driving is not a contest--it is not about winning.
12. Realize you cannot control the drivers around can only control the way you react.

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